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voting: challenge 29

- Vote in a comment for your three favourite icons - the numbers are ABOVE the icon, using this form:

All the comments are screened.

- Please fill out ALL categories of the voting form or your vote will not be counted

- No voting for yourself or asking others to vote for you. Do not post you icons anywhere until the voting is finished.

Voting ends on Tuesday. Now on to the pretties!
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Challenge Twenty-Nine: The Stolen Earth/Journey's End

It was nearly impossible to narrow down the caps, and my internet connection's been sort of GRRARGHKILL lately, so setting up the caps for posting has been an adventure. Gah.


-Make up to 4 icons; include the icon and its url.
-Use the caps provided
-No text (including tiny text and text brushes). The Torchwood logo may be used as well as any text in the original cap.
-Please see the profile for full rules.

Have fun!

Icons are due Tuesday, July 7th at 8 a.m. EST.

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Voting: Challenge 28

I'm not sure what happened this week with the voting, but I'm sure irener was just busy. ^.^

The new challenge will be posted soon.


-Comment here with your three favorite icons, in order. The numbers are above the icons.
-Don't vote for yourself, or ask others to vote for you (though you may tell friends to come vote, just don't tell them which icons are yours!)

Voting will end Friday, July 3rd at 8 a.m. EST.

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Mod Post

You guys, I'm so sorry. Life kind of ran away from me for a while. I'm gonna make this up to you guys, promise. ^.^

The next challenge will be posted tonight as soon as I wake up.